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The School Committee


Sr. Zainab Adam 

Vice Principal

Sister Zainab Adam graduated from New York University’s Stern School of Business and is currently an Ethics and Compliance Officer by profession. She acquired her Islamic Education from Ghana and has been a resident of Bridgewater NJ for almost 20 years. Sister Zainab has been a teacher at AlFalah for several years, and has a strong passion for Islamic knowledge and an unwavering commitment to optimizing student and school success.


Br. Naveed Mustafa

Br. Naveed Mustafa has been associated with Islamic Sunday Schools for more than 7 years. Most recently, he was the Vice Principal of AlFalah Sunday School. 


His expertise includes business goal definition, organizational design, resource planning and analysis, developing data-driven business reviews, and coordination and leadership of critical programs/projects. He is passionate about solving complex business problems with pragmatic and innovative technology solutions.


Br. Ansar Kassim

Technology Director

Br. Ansar acquired his islamic education from India. He was a Sunday School Principal for 1 year and has served as a school Administrator for 3 years. By profession, he is a Business Analytics Leader.


Br. Mohd Mohareb

Curriculum Director

Br. Mohareb learned Quran from the scholars in Egypt and Jordan. He has more than 20 years of experience teaching Quran and other Islamic sciences related to the Quran, 12 of these years were in NJ were he served as a teacher and an Islamic school principal for 2 years.

Mohareb attended many halakas and workshops, finished one year diploma in “shaping Muslim character through Quran and Sunna ), and currently working on a diploma of revelation sciences from Rowaq institute in Amman Jordan.

Mohareb is passionate about coaching, mentoring and helping the youth. He works in data analytics as his day job, and he is also passionate about sports. 

Sr. Samira Ahmed

Operations Director

Sister Samira has been part of Alfalah since 2014.  As a Curriculum Director, her task involves developing and improving the existing curricula. She is also involved in a staff training program to improve learning opportunities for students. With her experience and Islamic knowledge, she wants to build a strong learning foundation for children in a manner that they are confident in practicing their faith, and a proud Muslim.

Professionally she works as a Business Data Analyst and graduated from Kean University, NJ. She also has studied Quran with Advance Tajweed and currently pursuing Ijaza in Tajweed ul Quran. Over the period she has taken many Islamic courses. She loves teaching Quran and Islamic Studies. She also has a deeper understanding of Fiqh of Salah where she coaches students.

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